A Profoundly More Secure

Cloud Storage Solution

A National Security | America First Strategy

The Opes Data Vault solution replicates (and even exceeds)
the security of a physical bank vault for your organization’s
most critical data assets.

Opes Data Vault

Opes Data Vault introduces an unprecedented level of security to one of the most notoriously insecure enterprise environments: Cloud Storage.

Our multi-layered approach to secure cloud storage allows organizations to store their “crown jewels” in an environment that brings "government-level" security to the enterprise.

Why Opes Data Vault?

State-sponsored IP theft and nation-state cyber-attacks have become routine. According to the US IP Commission, intellectual property theft results in $600 billion in revenue losses annually for US corporations. 1 in 5 companies have had intellectual property exfiltrated by China alone.

Opes Data Vault introduces a profoundly more secure cloud storage solution. Our product is designed to provide the absolute highest level of data security for an organization’s most critically-sensitive files.